“UNSETTLED” ~ Book One of the Reset Series

“Dying has always been my secret, most gripping, gut-wrenching fear.

Some people are scared of spiders, or heights. Or freaky clowns. I am terrified of death. But it is not my deepest fear.

No, my deepest fear is causing someone’s death. Killing people, whether by accident, or on purpose, justifiable, or not, is what I fear most of all. Because then you have to live with it. And that is the only thing that could phoenixtake3possibly be worse than dying.”

When sixteen year old Lynn Webber, a.k.a. Phoenix, is forced to join the Genarian army, she is terrified by her fate: to die for a country that has brought only misery and suffering upon her people. But worse than her own death, Phoenix knows she will be forced to fight, forced to kill. When Phoenix discovers that the supposed enemies are indeed her allies, she finds herself standing against a plot that would see the destruction of everything she holds dear. She knows that she cannot sit idly by and watch as thousands of innocent people are murdered. What she does not know is that her enemies are much closer than she thinks.

Within the walled city of Genaria, rebellion is catching like fire, and Phoenix becomes one very small piece in a very large, very dangerous game. Absorbed into Reset, the city’s underground rebel organization, she finds herself swept away in the brewing storm. But when connections begin appearing that link Phoenix’s past and present with the future of Genaria, she is thrown into a position that will push her to finally see past deception and discover love, hatred, and betrayal. When Phoenix becomes the only one who can save her people, she is forced to make the hardest choice of her life. And forced to face her deepest fears.

She will have one chance to make her life worth something.

At least, so she thinks.

UNSETTLED is available on Amazon Kindle ~ CLICK HERE to pre-order

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