Poetry Reading: Nightlight


By Baylie Karperien

Love was a nightlight

A lingering glow, the last to stay bright

But the day belonged to the man

With exhaust churning from the hectic traffic jam

Electronic blips and red lights symbolizing stop

Starbucks, Burger King, and super-sized cups of pop

The number on a bank statement defining whether they could stay

And cold pavement lives with secrets it has hidden far away

Secrets stolen from the passersby

Perhaps the only truth they know has always been a lie

As each man fights for something he has known to be the truth

Politics, human rights, and the status of our youth

And we measure our success by just how far we get ahead

But the more ahead we get the closer come to being dead

And the world is obsessed with itself

And the world is obsessed with the day

And the world forgets that all the world will pass away

Into the night

And the only thing that matters then

Will be the lasting glow of light


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