Teaser: A First Look at Unsettled, Chapter 1

Tons of water pound against my chest. My face is drenched. My eyes become useless blobs of stinging flesh, unable to see, unable to understand. Pressure is consuming me. Again I try to see, I turn my head to look down, but blackness counters me. I am tossed, thrown, falling, flying. Blackness eats me whole. I can’t see, I can’t breathe.

I can’t breathe—

I’m falling, I’m suffocating. I try to gasp, I can’t, I can’t, my lungs are burning. White lights explode in my face. Then they flicker out. That’s when I become the most afraid. That’s when I finally understand.

I’m alone in the dark.

I’m going to die.

My thoughts are a swarm, all taking off in different directions, escaping me. I can’t think. My mind is on fire. I am encompassed by nothingness. It’s so dark, it’s like the world no longer exists. It’s just me now, me and the darkness. And pressure. My lungs burn. I move to quickly fill them with air, but breath has ceased to be an option. The chaos overtakes me. I can’t. I stop struggling. I can’t survive. Fear is all that’s left of me.

I’m tingling all over.

“Wake up.” His voice catches in my ears. “Come on Phe, get up!” Hue shakes me, his hand firm on my shoulder. I gasp for breath. I’m awake. “You have to get ready. We leave in an hour,” he whispers. His dark hair glistens in the low morning light. My heart jumps. A surge of panic trickles through me as I remember. It’s today. I want to go back to bed. I want to close my eyes and roll over and sleep. I want to throw my arms around my tattered pillow and clutch it to my chest until the pressure dies away. I can’t. I don’t want to do this. They have no right to make me.

I have to. It’s almost funny. They tell us we’re worthless right up until the moment that they need our help.

It’s time.

Excerpt from Unsettled, chapter 1

Available September 13, 2015

Click here for preorder.

Love you all!


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