What’s it’s Like to Publish Your First Book? A.K.A. Available for Pre-Order!

Hurrah! Hooray! The day has come. My book is going to be available four weeks from today. First of all, let me say that it has been quite an adventure getting to this point! When I began writing Unsettled, I never dreamt of coming this far. I thought that within a few weeks, my novel plans would have died a slow and rather disappointing death. But instead, I learned how to write a novel. And I became rather addicted to it. I now have plans for my next four novels…although it may take me a while to get to them. However, the second book in the Reset series, which is actually titled “Reset”, is coming along nicely and should be available some time in 2016. You see, I simply can’t help myself. I’ve gotten hooked on writing, I suppose.

Ten months ago, I couldn’t have dreamt of ever publishing my book. Five months ago, I couldn’t even dream of letting a single soul ever read my book! Three months ago, I had finished the first draft of my first real book. One month ago, I decided that I was never going to stop writing books. So I might as well start getting them out into the big wide world now. Getting to this point has been quite a journey. I have scaled the cliffs of Writer’s Block, battled the demons of Insecurity, crossed the raging river of the Self-Publishing Industry, and now I am here, lost in the desert of Un-Read Books, where I am but one more home-made piece of cover art sitting on the e-shelves, collecting e-dust. It is, to be honest, somewhat depressing. To know that Phoenix and Hue and all of my characters are going to just sit there, waiting for someone to read them back to life, but they may be waiting for a long, long time. While the self-publishing industry has paved the way for authors to publish outside of the traditional system, it has also filled the world with a lot of unknown novels written by authors such as myself, desperate to get what they’ve written out there, regardless of whether or not people will actually read it.

So on the one hand, there is this sense of doom. This rather depressing knowledge that my book could be a total flop and sell two copies~one to my mother, and one to me. And then, on the other hand, there is so much hope and excitement and nervousness and elation and discovery and happiness and radiant, radiant joy! Because I wrote a book! I cleaned it up and polished it off! I created a cover for it! I freaking published it! I have a published book! Wohooo!

This is what is going on inside my brain most days. One moment I am thrilled, elated, walking on sunshine in the happy meadow of rainbow cloud-ponies, and then I am in the depths of despair, served a cold helping of harsh reality. This is what it’s like to publish your first book. Allow me to draw on my imagination for the sake of an illustration. Although I’ve never actually had a child, I imagine that if I were to, it would be something similar to publishing a book. For nine or so months, this book has been sitting inside of me, growing, maturing, developing into something bright and beautiful, and now I know that this book is about to come into the world and interact with people and be loved and despised and live a life of its own. I am utterly amazed by the fact that I’ve actually created a book. However, I am also utterly terrified at the thought of my book being tossed around, blown about, and possibly ripped to shreds. I want to see my book rise to great heights and be loved by many…but I’m also keenly aware that my book may never amount to much. This doesn’t mean I stop loving my book~it just means I’m more than a little bit nervous about what’s going to happen on Sunday, September 13th.

So, that’s what it’s been like publishing my first book. Have you recently become a published author? Let me know what the experience has been like for you! Leave a comment below, like my facebook page, or follow me on twitter for more news on writing and my book journey! And if you’re interested…click here (or here, for U.S.) to purchase Unsettled, book one of the Reset series!

Love you all!



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