Poetry Reading: Beautiful Creatures

By Baylie Karperien


Couldn’t let them see the deepest parts of


Couldn’t speak for fear of words twisting


Couldn’t breathe for fear that heart’s intentions


That the music of the soul would fall, in our cold reality,


No more than a discordant cacophony of a broken harmony


Mingled jabs of stabbing sound in a blackened, grainy matte

Silence became

A blackness of blankness, of spaces and places

They were

Nothing more than hardened hearts

Glass walls

Blocking in, the fire of emotions suffocated

Smoking ashes

And thoughts and insights dry up like things we’ve made

To dust

Never mind the emptiness inside, ‘cause we’re afraid

Of nothingness

Glass walls are built to hide what we have lost

They were lost

Beautiful creatures swept away in a sea of pretty glass things

They were nothing

But the shells of empty-minded nothings in amidst the lack

Not any possibility

A voice could not be heard, a sound could not be made

For the fear

That all the glasses would break, all the walls

They would shatter

And dare disturb the one-two-three fluidity that is the waltz

Inside each soul

So filled the seas with hollow, empty, laughter


Can’t be

Silently done, yet

For some reason

They still



The greatest

Mystery is that

They’re not they

They are



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