Poetry Reading

Sonnet to a Pear

By Baylie Karperien

Shall I compare thee to a shrivelled pear?

When thou art old, as such thy beauty fades

Through ink or paint the artists so declare

That love is lovely eyes and pretty shapes

If thus should be then one wert blind would know

Not love nor any of the bliss or joys contained

And ugly be confined to die alone

If love not pretty to behold restrained

It seems that those whom beauty did not bless,

Which all in all, translates to most of us

Would have no hope no reason reassess

The truth that love might deeper go than lust

                Love the iron chain two hearts together link

                Forged by the two in time and later beat in sync

What do you think? If you like it, leave a comment! If you don’t, feel free to print it out, tear it up, burn it, and scatter the ashes in the wind. I won’t be particularly offended.

Either way, have a lovely afternoon.


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