Greetings reader! I’m so happy you’re here, reading my page. And if you’re not, well then, you can’t read this, so you won’t mind if I make fun of you for not reading me.

Just kidding.

But really, welcome to Empty Shelves. I’m glad you came. I created this page because I am a young author (I’m sixteen years old), and I recently finished writing a novel. If you want to read a description, head over to the page titled “Unsettled—Book blah, blah, etc., etc.”—you get the idea. As I continue editing and preparing to publish Unsettled, I will be slowly releasing quotes and, for those who are too excited to wait, the occasional preview excerpt.

Now, if you’re like me, then I’m like you, and like you, I really enjoy reading a good book. However, I’ve found it difficult to find good young adult fiction that isn’t about vampires, dragons, violence, or a predictable love triangle. So I sat down and wrote good young adult fiction about violence and a predictable love triangle. Oh well, at least I tried. But the point is, I wanted something to read, so I wrote it. And why not? Why shouldn’t a young author write young adult fiction? It just seems to make sense. To me, at least. I mean, I don’t expect to win a Pulitzer(though if you want to nominate me, click here (just kidding, that’s not even a real link)), but I wrote the thing, and here it is. So I suppose I might as well publish it.

I hope you enjoy reading it.

Thanks for stopping by!

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